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InPulse focuses on developing high standard technology based solutions for healthcare. We have a scientific partnership with one of the most recognized research centers for biomedical engineering in Latin America, counting on professors and doctors as key partners. For the innovative potential of its projects in the obesity and diabetes field, the company has already received 3 public fundings. Recently, one of its projects was evaluated as the best project in Brazil by the program called Startup Brasil.



PNPulse is a project of an implantable appetite inhibitor for the obesity treatment. Similar to a cardiac pacemaker, it is a small device, which can be implanted subcutaneously, causing the sensation of fullness and resulting in a sustainable body weight control.

The AFTscan is an innovative system to perform the diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy, the main cause of death for diabetics. The greatest differential of AFTscan is to identify sub-clinical neuropathy, enabling early treatment and increase in life expectancy of people with diabetes.
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